The Raw Goods : Lumber

Each wood board used in the making of our furniture is hand-picked specifically for Union Wood Co. We work directly with mills and suppliers that are able to deliver the premium planks with the character that we demand. Don’t be fooled, not all wood is equal! We can show you the difference between the really good wood and other lumber which can warp or shrink.

The Mechanics : Joinery

All of the furniture created in our woodshop is made-to-order. Taking into account the end use, we always build our pieces with the intent to last a lifetime. Our woodworkers select the most appropriate joint for the piece and use both hand and modern tools to get the job done right. In dust we trust.

The Finishing : Endurance

We use only the finest finishes on our furniture, natural vegetable oils and waxes which are derived from renewable resources. Hardwearing and extremely tough, our finishes are ideal for pieces that are put through their paces. Water repellent and resistant to wine, beer, coffee, crayons and other offenders, our finishing is easy to maintain and reapply (if needed).

Our Philosophy

We work with designers, architects, contractors, and clients to create custom furniture and millwork for residential and commercial spaces. We work directly with clients to help them design and build furniture for their space as well as build items to spec from plans supplied by other design teams. All of our work is 100% custom built for the specific order and all aspects can be customized.

Throughout our journey with wood, the design and creation always emphasize quality and simplicity. We are driven to make meticulously crafted, timeless products for a more meaningful lifestyle. These are the pieces to keep for life.